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The system forced me to take the imperial examination.

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However, neither Qian Shangshu nor Li Shilang felt that there was anything wrong with this summons. It was suspicious that the new Number One Scholar had close contacts with envoys from other countries. The question played right into Gu Shao's hands: "Your Majesty, the envoy of Huoxun Kingdom, whose name is Zhalanding, is the right-hand man of the monarch of Huoxun Kingdom. He is respected in the country and looks like him." Gu Shao looked aside for a night. "Prime Minister Xiao in the court." "Is there such a thing?" Prime Minister Xiao picked up his eyebrows and inexplicably looked forward to what Gu Shao would say next. Exactly. According to Nazalandin, Huoxunguo was not as rich as the Central Plains and paid equal attention to farming and mulberry, but the local people were intelligent and used oasis water to irrigate, which also fed a lot of crops. Many craftsmen have excellent craftsmanship, and in order to prove what he said, he also showed me a lot of handicrafts in the capital of Huoxun. Although it is not as exquisite as Daqi, it also has exotic characteristics. After several wars, Huoxun finally has peace, and the only hope from top to bottom is that there will be no more wars. Gu Shao chattered a lot, but no matter the emperor or the first Qian Shangshu and his like, they didn't hear much from their hearts. Gu Shao said his, and they all went in one ear and out the other, just like listening to a story. Gu Shao also knew that this would be the case, but the foreshadowing ahead could not be less. He said so much, in fact, not only one sentence is the key point, "Nazalandin also said to the minister, their country is used, not copper coins, not silver, but gold coins." One stone makes a thousand waves. Qian Shangshu's eyes flashed and he looked at Gu Shao in disbelief. Even the emperor quickly came to his senses and looked surprised. "Are they so rich?" "It's not money, it's just that the local gold mines are rich, and they naturally have to use gold coins for convenience." Qian Shangshu originally had no interest in it, but for this sentence, he asked several more questions: "Is it true that they really have a lot of gold mines there?" "Naturally, I dare not deceive the emperor and your lords.". I have seen the record of Huoxun Kingdom in my travel notes, which is almost the same as what the envoy said. If the emperor does not believe, can send soldiers to the fire to find the country to check,Planetary Gear Motor, even do not need to go to their capital, just go to the border to inquire about one or two, you will know that what I said is true. "In addition to gold mines, Huoxunguo also has iron and copper mines.". Good horses, spices, precious stones, melons and fruits are also too numerous to mention. Just imagine, if not this fire search country is a rich land, how to attract all parties to fight, want to swallow at one stroke? The more Gu Shao said, the more moved Qian Shangshu was. He is very good at collecting money, but his conduct is not good, and he is not a good person. And now the big qi is money shortage, the more officials outside the capital, the heavier the burden, so even if he has the ability to get what big money. In this way, the Ministry of the Interior has spent so many years safely and steadily. Of course, micro gear motor ,Small Geared Motors, if not so, the emperor would not have been able to endure him. Qian Shangshu was moved for a while and then sobered up a lot. "How do we know if the news was revealed by the envoy of the Fire Search Kingdom on purpose?" "Deliberately disclosed?" Gu Shao smiled, "what's his purpose?" "Want to induce Daqi to open a mutual market and earn Daqi's money?"? This mutual trade is originally reciprocal between the two sides. Moreover, the mutual trade has been open for so many years, and it has been closed for a period of time in the past 25 years. In the past, there was a big trade between Qi and the countries in the Western Regions. I'm afraid it wasn't just the foreigners who benefited from it. "This.." Qian Shangshu hesitated. This money is money only when it is used, and it is wealth only when it can be circulated. For example, if you hold ten copper coins in your hand, they will only be ten copper coins for a lifetime, and perhaps they will be used less and less. But if you do business with it, it will be more and more. Between the two countries, only trade can make money. When Li Shilang saw that Qian Shangshu had been persuaded by Gu Shao, he was not happy at once: "If they want to get in the way and fight again on the border of Qi, who can guarantee such a thing?" Gu Shao sneers: "This kind of words, also only Li Shilang can say." Li Shilang snorted coldly, "If you have anything to say, just say it. There's no need to beat around the Bush." "Well, then Xiaoguan will say it directly.".
Also only Li Shilang such a carefree person, will be so easy to talk about the word war, completely unaware of this war, how much it costs the country's assets. Qian Shangshu nodded his head deeply. If he doesn't agree with anything else, he has to agree with it. Win the war can send war money, but if you lose, hay, charger, even the soldiers of the army, it is also with money to raise ah, how to lose? Gu Shao went on to say, "When Nazalandin talked to me about the war, there was a division between the eyebrows, and so did many of the other envoys.". They have gone through the war to get peace, and naturally they don't want to get into the war again. Li Shilang disdains: "Say nicely." "This is the case," said Gu Shao. "It's just that Lord Li doesn't understand the four words of changing places." So what if you understand? So what if you don't understand. You are just trying to persuade the emperor to open a big account in the city and make it convenient for the fire to find the country. Gu Shao immediately retorted, "Lord Li can't say that. Convenience is mutual convenience." "I am rich and prosperous, and I am not short of anything!" Li Shilang said, and Qian Shangshu on the side was faintly unhappy. Just because of the situation, I didn't say it. There is no shortage of things, but the Ministry of the Interior is short of money! Gu Shao is not surprised that he will hear these, after all, these words, is the true portrayal of the hearts of the entire Qi Baiguan. Confident to the point of conceit, that's not good. He bowed his hand to the emperor and said slowly, "Your Majesty, when I was studying in the countryside, there were two ponds at the entrance of the village.". One is bigger and one is smaller. The bigger one was newly dug and beautifully renovated, but unfortunately, the water in it was stagnant and became smelly after a few years, with a layer of smelly green dirt floating on it. The smaller one was connected to the mountain stream and the river, flowing all the year round, so although the pool was ugly, the water was really alive. As the saying goes, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten and running water is never stale. If Li Shilang could not hear that he was cursing,Brushless Gear Motor, there would be no need to stay in the officialdom. Was about to return on the spot, Xiao prime minister appropriately stopped, so as not to let two people quarrel.


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