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The Revenge of Lolita

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But I don't know how many desperate days have passed, Lin Songyi finally understood one thing: everyone has forgotten her, even if not forgotten, it is impossible to find her, because the man who imprisoned her is the unswerving president. Lin Songyi has known Cheng Peng for many years, she has always felt that he is sanctimonious, until she became his, she did not know that sanctimonious is only his appearance, pull off this layer of skin, he is a devil, he will use all kinds of terrible means to bully her. He would whip her wildly with a burr whip and then drug her. He would drip wax on her back, and he would smile with satisfaction when he heard her scream. It's not that she didn't resist, but what she got was more and more beating and abuse. Life is worse than death, that's her! But there was always a fire of hope in her heart, and she wanted to get out alive. But one day, Cheng Peng came to the Chamber of Secrets and said with a cynical smile, "Song Yi, do you know how long you have been with me?" Lin Songyi's hands were tied to the head of the bed, shaking his head blankly, two months? How many months? She can't remember. Cheng Peng sneered: "156 days,Self-closing Shower Valve, the most beautiful girl in Roman Galaxy." Lin Songyi opened her eyes wide and shed tears. How did she get through 156 days? "Song Yi, I'm tired of you." Cheng Peng sighed, "I thought I wouldn't get tired of you, but I still got tired of you." Lin Songyi seemed to have a life-saving straw and said eagerly, "Can you let me leave?" Cheng Peng blinked his eyes and smiled: "Leave?"? I'll let you go, but not the way you think. How can I bring you back to earth? For you to accuse me of something I did to you? Let you fall in love with another man? Nope! None of these things can happen! I'm tired of you, which can only mean one thing.. Songyi,Service Sink Faucets, you should leave this world, just like your father! "My father?!" Lin Songyi looked at him in disbelief. Yes, your father, who, like you, died at my hands. Cheng Peng smiled heartlessly. You killed him?! Tears of shock and pain welled up in Lin Songyi's eyes. He should have been more cruel, and he could have been my ally all the time. It was the remaining kindness in his heart that killed him. Cheng Peng said thoughtfully, "You are different from him. You are like a piece of white paper and a clear spring. It's too clean.". That's why destroying you gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment. No other woman has ever let me grace her for as long as you have. Lin Songyi breathed heavily, not only because of anger, but also because of fear. After 156 days of purgatory, she finally knew that she could never leave the dark and disgusting chamber of secrets. It's hard to describe.. She even felt a little happy that she was finally going to be completely free, even if it was at the cost of death! Cheng Peng choked her throat from behind, Lin Songyi calmly closed her eyes, she is like a swan in distress, push button toilet flush valve ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, even at the last moment of life, still did not lose grace. Chapter 248 Galaxy Overlord Ao Nu Nu (2) Lin Songyi's calm death deeply shocked Su Xia, Lin Songyi is not a submissive girl, she is very personality, but also very responsible, but she was a big joke by fate, even fell into the hands of evil spirits. It really hurts! Su Xia for Lin Songyi is not worth it, she is so beautiful and so good, but finally died quietly, and the scum who obliterated her from the world continues to live smoothly, there will be more girls will repeat her tragic experience. After receiving the memory from Lin Songyi, Su Xia made up his mind to let Cheng Peng die without a burial place! At what point will she be transported? Does she still have time to turn things around? Suxia felt a burst of coolness on her body, and when she opened her eyes, she found herself in a luxurious dressing room. The girls in the dressing room all wore the same simple updo as she did. They all wore plain faces and wore the same cool clothes. A set of flesh-colored bikinis, the cloth was very frugal. If you looked at it from a distance, it seemed that they were not wearing anything.
Su Xia looked at the girls dressed like her, all young and beautiful, but she was attracted by herself in the full-length mirror. Su Xia had only seen Lin Songyi's sad appearance before she died, but had never seen her appearance before she fell into the Devil's Cave. This is the fourth task that Su Xia entered, and Lin Songyi is the most beautiful last wish client. She is about the same height as Su Xia in the real world, because Lin Songyi has practiced ballet for more than ten years, so she has a very beautiful swan neck, graceful posture, convex and concave. What makes Su Xia even more amazing is Lin Songyi's face, which is a delicate heart-shaped face, a pair of clear phoenix eyes, eyes always with a faint indifference, noble and cold pride naturally revealed. Lin Songyi, I didn't expect you to have today. Said the short girl with an oval face coldly. Su Xia did not look at the girl, have been reduced to such a place, what is the need for cynicism? Another girl sighed, "Lin Songyi, your father is also the father of the clone. He is powerful and rich. Even if he loses power, can't those powerful friends of your family help him?" Su Xia's lips burst into a wry smile: "There are few people who send charcoal in the snow, and there are many people who add insult to injury, so I came here." At the moment, Su Xia is backstage at Ricky Entertainment City, and before long, she will be auctioned as a replicant slave! She's clearly human, but now she's been given the sad identity of a replicant! Suxia came to a place called the Roman Galaxy, where there are two planets for human life, one is Ricky for human life, and the other is Poole for human labor. Lin Songyi's father, Lin Zuping,Self-closing Faucet, is the "father of replicators". He developed replicators based on human genes, injected them with the real memory of human beings, and solved the labor problem of Roman Galaxy.


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